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Frequently Asked Questions

We are so glad that you found us! We want to help support you in any way we can, that being said there are so many ways you can work with us. Are you seeking  basic latch and positioning help?


Want assistance with flange fittings for your breast pump, or just have a few questions that you’d like answered? Our latch clinic is the perfect fit for you. These slots are 30 minutes long and help you with your immediate needs. Our latch clinics are ran by a caring certified lactation counselor that is knowledgeable and supported many families in their feeding journey. 



Needing a more hands on approach? Hear clicking sounds during feedings? Have a NICU graduate that’s ready to transition to feedings at the breast or chest? Painful latch with nipple damage? Have concerns about baby’s weight or growth? We can also help you with that. We know that all of the information on the internet can be overwhelming. A consult with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant will be the best fit for these concerns. An IBCLC will work  with you to develop a personalized feeding plan that is specific to your needs. You get to tell us what your goals and needs are so that you can be confident in your ability. Remember you are already amazing and know what your baby needs, we are here to be a part of your team. The IBCLC will perform an assessment that includes, but is not limited to taking a health history, observing a feeding, performing an oral assessment and work with you to develop a feeding plan that supports your goals. 


Are you short on time? Have a busy schedule and need more flexibility with scheduling? Are you outside of the Las Vegas and Henderson areas? Our virtual consults are a great solution. These visits are also conducted by an IBCLC.


Already had a visit with an IBCLC from Latch Las Vegas, but have additional questions or concerns? We know that we may not be able to address all of your concerns in our 90 minute IBCLC consult, so a follow up visit is perfect! Follow-up appointments are available both in-person and virtual. 


Insurance Coverage? We work with Lactation Network and are able to cover lactation visits  for most Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, and Cigna plans. Coverage availability differs between plans so be sure to click the “check coverage” button on our home page to submit your information to Lactation Network. All other self-pay clients will receive a super bill that can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement. Latch Las Vegas does not guarantee that reimbursement will happen, but we are happy to provide you the super bill in hopes of reimbursement from your coverage provider. 

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